National Championships

June 16th - 19th, 2011
Breezewood, PA


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UFHORA National Championships

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UFHORA 2011 Nationals - Race Reports

Breezewood Fire Hall - 150 Municipal Rd., Breezewood, PA 15533

We would like to thank everyone who attended and have helped out at this year's 2011 UFHORA National Championships.  Remember that without you any of this wouldn't be possible!


tjet Qualifing

Race Results:

Super Stock

1st Ed Delfin
2nd Jim Singer
3rd Robbie Offutt
4th Craig Reynolds


1st Clayton St.Clair
2nd Eric Peterson
3rd Sam Heller
4th Craig Reynolds

Restricted Open

1st Dan Mc Cleary
2nd Mike WertHeimer
3rd John Rose
4th Jeff Collins

Amateur Modified

1st Mike Leonard
2nd Dalton Weyant
3rd Lorne Fyfe
4th Mark Smith


1st RC Lincoln
2nd Rich Schmidt
3rd Jerry Boswell
4th Randy Haydt

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