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The UFHORA National Director has requested me to post this notice on the site for all to read regarding an important matter involving the organization.

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 Special Notice from the National Director

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NOTE:  This section is an archive and has not been updated with current information.  Please contact UFHORA for current details about this announcement. 


As of March 9, 2007 the Ban on Slottech cars and magnets has been lifted with the following exception:

At the 2006 UFHORA Nats, Slottech, thru a proxy, submitted chassis, magnets, and an armature for Super Stock. This arm was not only not what was advertised on the package but was in clear violation of UFHORA rules. Subsequently, there is not a legal SS armature for his latest chassis design and as such, his chassis will not be legal in the Super Stock class.

Bob Lincoln
UFHORA National Director


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